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Thursday, November 13, 2008

tolerance and ‘civil rights’ notables

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more intolerance from the tolerant left, this time among the ranks of school kids - learn ‘em young!

similar tolerance exhibited in the art world , no surprise there. a gay acquaintance argued that free speech doesn’t prevent consequences, and while i agree there, i pointed out that if the information of ‘no on 8′ donors was publicized and persecution and firings resulted, it is more than doubtful that gay activists would similarly defend such workplace reprisals.

the intimidation factor has been concentrated at protests by ‘no on 8′ activists held outside of California churches, including this one where a woman carrying a cross has it ripped out of her hand and trampled, while surrounded by an angry mob who reportedly spit on her.

and finally what does 70% of black Californians voting to keep marriage between a man and a woman say to the ubiquitous claim that this is a civil rights issue?

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